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The brief

Zeitgroup has been developing Access Control and Time and Attendance Management systems for 30 years, integrating software, hardware, and apps into scalable systems and customized projects. It has developed ZGMobile: the first app that allows people to clock in and out via smartphone.

The challenge

The collaboration with Zeitgroup stems from the need for website redesign and redesign, with the goal of increasing quality traffic and lead generation.

The strategy

We improved performance by working in 2 stages

A first phase of research in which we have:

  • conducted two interview sessions to investigate the still unexpressed values and strengths, and what could be the critical issues in the purchase flow;

  • analyzed the SEO ranking situation on Google and the whole user experience in relation to the target market;

  • overhauled the order of categories, the taxonomy of products in the catalog, the uniformity of the design system, and created different contact forms for different user needs.

A second phase of website redesign in which we have:

  • Mapped old pages to the new tree to avoid loss of acquired ranking;

  • proposed a new UX tree and specific layouts taking into account the most visited and used pages by users;

  • developed the website with WordPress (widely supported open source CMS) and a custom theme to improve loading speed and allow the client to make updates independently, in line with its operational needs;

  • performed strategic migration of content from the old platform to the new one;

  • implemented new tracking via GTM to centralize events and facilitate maintenance and future implementations;

  • connected to a CMP for consent management.

The results

on the new site compared with the previous one

+ 15%

of traffic to the site through winning SEO strategy in terms of architecture and migration

+ 21%

leads generated through organic traffic growth and conversion rate, without active Adv campaigns

+ 22%

on the average session time testifying to the excellent work of UX

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