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May 2020 – in corso


Lead generation

Brand awarness


UI / UX design

Web advertising

Marketing Automation

The Brief

The Longevity Suite is the most advanced European Biohacking & Antiage City Clinic that creates and implements integrated, high-performance and high-tech protocols, to guide customers towards the best version of themselves thanks to a perfect balance between health, conscious beauty, and mental energy.

The challenge

The collaboration with The Longevity Suite was initially born with a great goal: to bring high-quality leads interested in the world of luxury wellness to every single Italian and foreign center.

The strategy

We started with 4 locations in market test mode with Lead Generation campaigns on Meta ADS and Google ADS, to get to work on a total of 19 locations after the first 6 months.

The great challenge of the project, in addition to the Lead Generation activity, is that of the single and separate management of the campaigns of the different centers: each with its own peculiarities, specific treatments and budget. We have also launched a web advertising activity on The Longevity Suite e-commerce to increase sales.

The advertising activity on Google ADS and Meta, combined with online and offline Brand Awareness, in the period January – July 2022 doubled the orders on e-commerce compared to the same period of the previous year. At the beginning of 2022 we started a Brand Awareness activity through dedicated campaigns on Meta, Google ADS, and Spotify ADS, which has intensified over time.

The results


profiled leads in 19 different locations
of e-commerce turnover in 6 months brought by adv
+ 206.000
plays of the Spotify ads in 1 month throughout the country


Podcast ratings thanks to targeted Spotify Ads campaigns

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