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Ratti Boutique

Ratti Boutique has been one of the most prestigious Italian fashion retailers for more than 75 years. Today, it boasts collaborations with great fashion houses and avant-garde designers.



In a ten-year collaboration with the famous Boutique di Pesaro TWOW has worked alongside it in the design and launch of the new e-commerce. In one year, 2020, when the world of fashion suffered strong setbacks, the choice of opening their own online store proved to be necessary, as well as analysis, programming and skills on top of great confidence in the agency-customer relationship. The unexpected result? The achievement of excellent results already in the market test phase, with more than 400 transactions from advertising campaigns. For Ratti Boutique, we continue to take care not only of the advertising strategy but of all the digital consultancy related to SEO, social and email marketing.

From 0 to 430 transactions

in just two months from the launch of the online store, still in the market test phase

Watch out for that ROAS!

An insight-gathering strategy reached a ROAS of 4.5 right from the start

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