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Nuvola Yoga


Nuvola Yoga is an online yoga start-up. Born in 2020, an online yoga studio addressing the new needs and ways of experiencing yoga and well-being after the covid-19 pandemic.



With the aim of promoting the brand’s mission and consequently subscriptions to the online yoga platform, we developed a web advertising strategy in market test mode. Being a start-up, we first focused on creating campaigns that could define the profile of the potential customers that Nuvola Yoga could address, as well as identifying the characteristics of the market in which to raise awareness and enhance the reputation of the brand. We combined an initial marketing automation activity with Google and Facebook campaigns, in order to start proposing the types of subscriptions to the platform to profiled users. This was possible thanks to lead generation campaigns with landing on different lead capture pages divided by types of yoga, which fed the user database with a first profiling. The result was an increase in enrollments and the building of a valuable database.


+ 86% of new users on the site


+30% subscribers

generated directly from adverstising

+ 63% from free trial to subscription

an average of 63% of users went from a free trial to subscribing during the campaign period

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