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Elisabetta Polignano

Original and eclectic wedding dress designer base in Oleggio (NO), Elisabetta Polignano is available in the best boutiques in Italy, USA, Japan and Eastern Europe.



In 2014, we didn’t just raise awareness around the wedding dress brand Elisabetta Polignano, we also worked to increase quality contact with Atelier partners. To achieve this we implemented a social strategy, which includes drafting of a thematic editorial calendar, the storytelling of the brand events and the well-paced sharing of an editorial newsletter. In view with lead generation, depending on peak selling seasons in bridal wear, we alternate specific social campaigns and advertising on search engines, with incursions on local and US market.


More than 10 million brides


More than 2 million interactions

reactions, comments and shares generated in the last 5 year on the brand’s social content

Live streaming and storytelling

to present live the 2020 Collections through a blend of the trendiest formats of the moment

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