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DentalPro operates full-service dental centres across Italy; it has over 250 active centres in 14 regions.



For more than three years we have been working together with DentalPro to obtain a growing number of quality leads/patients at a daily optimised cost-per-lead, thanks to the cross-channel management of Digital Advertising (firstly, Meta and Google Ads) and the strategic integration with the other Marketing activities (TV releases, offline investments, calls via toll-free number), as all channels contribute to positioning the brand in the target audience. The objectives are constantly achieved, despite the competitive sector, a perennial increase in advertising costs, the technical difficulty in managing the current “cookieless world” and various regulatory standards to be respected for the creation of copy and creativity (ie the exclusion of any promotional, suggestive or non-functional communication for patient care). In addition to campaigns with B2C targets, there are also those aimed at a B2B audience through the monitoring and optimisation of ads on LinkedIn and Google, aimed at the lead generation of contacts of professionals in the dental field.


€40 of CPL

on average in the last THREE YEARS of activity

Good quality of leads received

1 out of 2 contacts generated an appointment

+ 480 million impressions

generated by LinkedIn and Search campaignsaimed at a B2B audience (dentists, practice owners and professionals in the dental field)

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