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Gioielleria Cicala is a historic Genoese company that has been operating in the jewellery sector for over 50 years. After the foundation of the brand, it quickly became a reality followed and appreciated by an ever wider audience. The birth of the E-commerce has led to a further expansion of the company on the reference market.



The collaboration, born in 2021, soon turned into a digital transformation path in continuous evolution and strong growth. Starting from the SEO for the site and the first media strategy for ecommerce campaigns, the digital plan has expanded over time to include marketing automation and a UX design project. While the campaigns immediately led to a significant increase in sales, the UX interventions on the site made it possible to deepen the study of the public and further improve performance. Finally, marketing automation, designed to integrate with the advertising strategy, allows for the care of profiled leads in terms of both brand reputation and purchase education, with a consequential improvement of sales volumes.


Over 176,000 users

 brought to the site in the first year thanks to SEO optimization and users reached through profiled campaigns

More than 200% of revenue

in 2021 vs 2020, of which more than 40% comes directly from advertising activity.

Over 300% of ROAS

from advertising and an overall return on investment of 6.62 after less than a year of advertising activity

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