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Since 1979 AIC has been the reference point for celiac patients, their objective is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.



Our path towards the digitisation of AIC dates back to 2018 when we began to analyse the sentiment of the comments in the community already existing on social networks and supported the team in the drafting of a Social Media Policy of the Facebook Group. These activities allowed us to interact with the members of the AIC team through specific training meetings, after which we extended the work tables towards the complex management system and the communication & marketing of the Association. To improve the management of AIC’s digital ecosystem and implement the necessary digitisation, in six months of activity we have conducted three analyses:
1. instrumental, to detect the state of the art of digital properties, management systems and platforms used by AIC
2. organisational, useful to highlight the methods and work processes of the AIC team
3. behavioural, in order to identify user-personas and the related experience-maps (navigation paths for each typical user) To do our job, we have collected:- data from AIC’s digital assets– feedback provided by the AIC team during
4 focus groups (interviews)questionnaire answers to which we submitted 3 identified targets


High degree of satisfaction on the part of customers

who decided to continue their digitisation process

more than 350 pages of documentation

created and shared with the team

over 200 hours

of preparatory consultancy for the digital transformation of the AIC ecosystem

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